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2022/06/01 ANSTO-HZB Neutron School

The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) and the Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin (HZB) are pleased to announce another instalment of the ANSTO – HZB Neutron School to be held in 2022. This follows the first successful joint school in 2019 and the long tradition of neutron schools being held in Berlin.

The aim of the school is to provide a broad overview of new scattering theory and applications to demonstrate the utility of neutron scattering science. The course will consist of lectures and practicals using the neutron beam instruments at the OPAL Multipurpose Reactor. Subjects covered include basic theory, instrumentation, small-angle scattering, reflectometry, deuteration, crystallography and diffraction, imaging, residual stress and strain scanning, inelastic scattering, quasi-elastic scattering, and polarised neutrons. There will also be a demonstration of sample environment equipment and a tutorial on writing proposals. Students will have the opportunity to present their work to fellow participants and ANSTO and HZB staff in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere at the school poster session.

The school is particularly suited to those who are new to neutron scattering and is aimed at students (Honours, Masters, PhD) and early career researchers. Those encourage to apply are studying in the areas of:

2022/05/12 International Conference on Battery for Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicles (ICB-REV) 2022

The abstract submission deadline is extended until 25 May 2022. For further details, kindly visit the website:

Following the event, the NBRI also will conduct the Youth Ideas Competition (YIC) 2022 ( and International Battery School (IBS) 2022 ( Therefore, I need your help to encourage abstract submission to ICB-REV 2022 from your members and countries. And also distribute the information to your colleagues, members, students, and other relevant parties.

2022/02/24 2022年中子學校學員徵選 (延長申請時間至2022/02/28)Call for students to attend international neutron scattering schools in 2022. Due on Feb 28, 2022










以上文件皆須以英文書寫,請於申請截止日期2022/02/28前將第(1)、(2)、(3)項寄至,第(4)項由推薦者直接Mail至 或郵寄至新竹市科學園區新安路101號中子小組收。



國家同步輻射研究中心 科學研究組中子小組


TEL: +886-3-578-0281 ext.8208, 7260

Dear Users,

To promote the technological applications of neutron scattering and cultivate the neutron users. The NSRRC Neutron Group is looking for names of potential students for international neutron schools in 2022. Selected candidates will go to the most appropriate school for their needs and the neutron group will support the travel expenses.

*Due to COVID-19, if the neutron school will be held as an online course, the neutron group can support the registration fee.

Applicant qualifications : PhD student、Postdoc 、Assistant Researcher、Assistant Professor. (Affiliation in Taiwan only)

Please submit application form (as attached) 、 abstract (as attached) 、 C.V. and recommendation letter to before Feb 28, 2022. The recommendation letter must be sent out by the reference.


Neutron Group

National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center

TEL: +886-3-578-0281 ext.8208, 7260

2022/01/17 台灣中子人才培育公開徵選,截止時間:2/28(一)前寄送完整資料至同步輻射研究中心中子小組




1. 美國標準局(NIST)中子研究中心(NCNR)凝態材料物理組-Professor Jeffrey Lynn

2. 德國Jűlich研究中心中子科學中心(JCNS)

申請資格: 中華民國籍,博士後或博士級以上研究人員。

申請國外研究時限: 以一年為限,受訓期間表現優秀者,經評估後,最多可延長至兩年.但於受訓期間,若經送訓方及受訓方評估考核後,不適合此培訓計畫者,送訓方及受訓方可終止受訓者之資格。

申請程序: 本批次申請於2022年2月28日前寄送完整資料至同步輻射研究中心中子小組。

資料: (1)申請表; (2)個人履歷(英文); (3)研究計畫; (4)英文推薦信(博士後需要提供)













Neutron Group

National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center

TEL: +886-3-578-0281 ext.8208

2021/12/08 UCANS9 will be held online from March 28 to 31, 2022

The news is original from the Official Website :
At the UCANS-WEB meeting held in December 2020, we announced that UCANS9 would be held in 2021, but we have not been able to move forward.

We have been hoping to hold UCANS9 onsite somehow and have been keeping an eye on the situation.

The situation in the COVID-19 seems to be improving little by little, but it seems that it will take some time before free international travel is allowed.

The current situation where there are very few opportunities for presentations is an important life-altering issue, especially for young researchers, and we decided to hold the conference online because we believe it should not be delayed too long.

The presentations at UCANS9-online will consist of oral and poster sessions.

Due to time constraints, the majority of presentations will be assigned to posters.

Poster session presenters will be asked to make a short video in advance.

We accept presentations in a wide range of fields, including accelerators, targets, shielding, moderators, measurement, materials, control systems, beam transport, medical applications, cross sections, neutron physics, instrument concepts, facility introduction, etc.

We are looking forward to your registration.

2021/11/27 ISIS SANS Training Course

Please see the following link

2021/11/21 2021台灣中子科學學會年會暨中子散射技術研討會圓滿落幕(2021 TWNSS Annual Meeting and Symposium for Neutron Scattering Technology ended successfully)
活動影片連結(Video Link of All Activities)

2021/11/21 中子學會會刊第七卷第2期已經發行 (TWNSS NEWS letter volume 7, Number 2 is released)

2021/10/18 2021台灣中子科學學會年會暨中子散射技術研討會(2021 TWNSS Annual Meeting and Symposium for Neutron Scattering Technology)


Registration for "2021 Taiwan Society of Neutron Science Annual Conference and Neutron Technology Symposium Website" has started. Conference related URL is:
Please fill in the registration form in the website:

2021/09/21 The 5th Neutron and Muon School

The 5th Neutron and Muon School will be held online between Dec. 6 – Dec. 9, 2021.

The School provides training for newcomers to neutron and muon beam research from across the fields

of physics, chemistry, biology, materials science and more. In addition to lectures, practical

sessions are included with online hands-on training on some selected techniques.


- Date: 6th December – 9th December, 2021

- Venue: Online/J-PARC(Tokai, Ibaraki, Japan)

- Eligibility: Graduate students, Postdoctoral fellows and Early career researchers from both

universities and companies who want to learn about neutron and muon science are encouraged to apply.

- Application deadline : 20th October, 2021

- Registration fee: Free

#further information:


2021/09/11 ANSTO Poropsal Round is Now Open

2022-1 proposal round is now open with the following proposal deadlines

ACNS & NDF is 15 February 2022

Other ANSTO Facilities & Capabilities is 28 February 2022.

Any questions are to be directed to the User Office NSW (

NEWS source -

2021/09/08 ORNL General User Proposal Calls

Proposal calls are typically held bi-annually in the spring and fall. The General User Program is currently supporting remote access experiments as onsite user visits continue to be suspended.

The Call for Remote Access Proposals for 2022-A will close on September 22, 2021 at noon ET.

All awarded users should be aware that we anticipate more frequent schedule changes during this cycle than usual, to deal with unscheduled unavailability of staff or other support. Previously awarded proposals that cannot run in remote access mode will still be honored when the onsite GUP resumes.

NEWS source -

2021/08/26 International Conference on Neutron Scattering 2022


On behalf of the Continental Organizing Committee, we are pleased to announce that the International Conference on Neutron Scattering 2022 (ICNS 2022) will take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from

August 21 to 25, 2022

ICNS 2022 will be the 12th conference in a series held every four years starting in 1982, including most recently ICNS 2009 in Knoxville, USA, ICNS 2013 in Edinburgh, UK, and ICNS 2017 in Daejeon, Korea. The ICNS 2022 will be the largest international platform for sharing and exchanging the latest exciting advances in neutron scattering science, including a broad range of topics.


Topics at the conference will include:

• Soft Matter

• Biology and Biological Interfaces

• Condensed Matter Physics

• Magnetism and Thin Films

• Solid State Chemistry

• Life Sciences

• Energy and Engineering Materials

• Functional Materials

• Industrial Applications

• Cultural Heritage and Archaeometry

• Neutron Physics

• Neutron Sources and Facilities


Asoc. Técnicas Neutrónicas Argentina


Rolando Granada

CNEA, Argentina


ADVISORY: Jamie Schultz, ANSTO Australia

PROGRAM: Astrid Schneidewind, MLZGermany


Rolando Granada, CNEA Argentina

Despina Louca, UniversityofVirginia, USA

Sponsor ship opportunities:

ICNS2022 has space available for sponsors interested in setting up booths and connecting with the international neutrons scattering experts at the conference. Interested potential sponsors please contact the organizing committee at the email below.

2021/08/06 Call for AONSA Young Research Fellowship 2022

Dear AONSA members,

We are pleased to announce a call for applications for the AONSA Young Research Fellowship 2022.

The information is available on the AONSA webpage:

For simplicity, I've also attached the guidelines and application form to this email.

Please circulate amongst your national socities.

Warm regards,

David Cortie

Call for applications for the AONSA YRF 2022-final.pdf

2021/08/01 Announcement of an online graduate neutron scattering course at NCNR

Dr. Yun Liu will offer a free, graduate level, online neutron scattering course this fall. This course will focus on the application of neutron scattering to soft materials. This course is intended for students/postdocs/early career scientists interested in learning how they can utilize neutron scattering to advance their research, and anyone else who feels they could benefit from the topics outlined in the syllabus.

Registration for this course is now open.

Preferred registration before Aug. 15, 2021

Registration deadline: Aug. 31, 2021

The course will be offered from 1:25pm-2:40pm (US ET) every Wed/Fri beginning on Sep. 1 (There will be no class on national holidays.)

The tentative course schedule is published on the course webpage:

You can access the registration webpage directly using the following link:

This course is supported by the Center for High Resolution Neutron Scattering, a partnership between NSF and NIST.

If you have any questions related to this course, please feel free to contact Dr. Yun Liu.



2021 年 8 月 15 日之前可以預先註冊


該課程自9 月 1 日起的每個星期三/星期五下午 1:25-2:40(美國東部時間)開課(國定假日不上課。)



本課程由 NSF 和 NIST 合作的高解析度中子散射中心支持。


2021/06/30 悼念陳守信院士/Tributes to Professor Sow-Hsin Chen

Professor Show-Hsin Chen, Emeritus Professor of the Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering (NSE), Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is a global expert in neutron science. He passed away on June 26 in West Newton, Massachusetts, at 86.

Professor Show-Hsin Chen has made outstanding academic contributions on neutron, x-ray, laser scattering research, and complex fluid and soft matter science, including the theory of phonon spectrum analysis, light correlation scattering, laser Doppler velocimeter measurement technology in the early year. He developed neutron scattering technology in complex fluid at his middle-aged, the analysis method of inelastic X-ray scattering. Recently, he focused on the dynamics of ultracold water and interfacial water molecules. Professor Show-Hsin created several new research fields or application technology. These theories regard as classic and foundation in many academic fields.

He fully supported Taiwan's neutron scattering research all his life. At the first Taiwan Neutron User Conference in 2010, Professor Chen was invited to attend as a Distinguished speaker and provided many positive suggestions. In 2012, he donated to Tsinghua University to create the "Sow-Hsin Chen Distinguished. Lectureship on Neutron Science and Technology" Every one to two years, international experts and scholars are invited to Taiwan to hold academic lectures on various topics of neutron science. Exchange the latest neutron science and technology to local scholars.

The death of Professor Chen Shouxin is a great loss for the neutron science community. All members of the society express their reluctance and pay their highest tribute to Professor Show-Hsin Chen.

The following link is the location of Professor Sow-Hsin Chen's tribute wall at MIT:

Video link from TWNSS to
tribute Professor Sow-Hsin Chen :

Sow-Hsin Chen Distinguished. Lectureship on Neutron Science and Technology,c84.php

陳守信院士麻省理工學院核子科學與工程學系 (NSE) 名譽教授 。是中子散射研究的權威。於 6 月 26 日在馬薩諸塞州西牛頓市過世,享年86歲。

陳守信教授在學術上貢獻卓越,是中子、X光及雷射散射研究及複雜流體和軟物質科學之權威。早期所發展的聲子圖譜分析理論、光關連散射、雷射都卜勒速度儀量測技術、到中年的複雜流體之中子散射應用理論、非彈性X 光散射分析理論、與近期的超冷水及界面水分子之動態特性研究,無一不是開創一個新的研究領域或是應用技術。同時亦為後進學者視為基石的經典理論。

他的一生一直支持著台灣的中子散射研究。2010年第一屆台灣中子用戶會議時,陳教授便以Distinguished speaker的身分應邀出席,並提供許多積極的建議。2012年更於母校清華大學捐款創設「陳守信中子科學與技術榮譽講座」,每一至二年,邀請國際知名專家學者來台,就中子科學的各種面向主題,舉行學術演講活動,藉此增進本地學者的中子科學技術交流,並提升相關的國際視野。他不但心心念念將其所學貢獻給他生長的土地,陳教授所留下的講座,也可以持續地提攜後進,幫助台灣的學術成長。




緬懷陳守信院士 -「陳守信中子科學與技術榮譽講座」募款計畫,c84.php

2021/06/21 台灣中子散射實驗設施之應用推廣及用戶培育計畫/Promotion of the Application for Taiwan Neutron Scattering Facility and User Cultivation Project

Dear NSRRC and neutron users,

The MOST "Taiwan Neutron Scattering Experimental Facility Application Promotion and User Nurturing Program" 2021 Phase II Neutron Project online application is extended to 24:00 on July 04, 2021.

The application procedure, project review, and notification are identical with the National Synchrotron Radiation Center Beamline Experiment. The application procedure and the project review are expected complete in mid-July.

New User Portal

*Due to the epidemic's impact, if the project host sends the samples, the shipping cost can be reimbursed by the neutron project fund, so please keep the receipts properly.

*If you provide an electronic invoice, please be sure to sign it.

Please note:

A. The project period is N-2021-2.

B. Please fill out the attached "NSRRC Neutron Proposal Form" in English, save it as a PDF file, and upload it in [Step 4: Project Background] after performing Steps 1 to 3.

(You can write see proposal form to edit the content of the proposal)

C. Please be sure to sign the Signature of the proposer in the "NSRRC Neutron Proposal Form".

For more information about the neutron project, please refer to the attached "Neutron Project Related Q&A".

For SIKA instrumentation, please refer to the "Neutron Group Website" at

Please refer to "ANSTO website" for the introduction of ANSTO instruments


科技部「台灣中子散射實驗設施之應用推廣及用戶培育計畫」 2021年第二期中子計畫線上申請延長至2021年07月04日(日)24:00截止。







B.請以英文填寫附件「NSRRC Neutron Proposal Form」,並存成PDF檔,在執行完步驟一到步驟三後,於【步驟四:計畫背景】中上傳。

(編輯Proposal的內容可以寫see proposal form即可)

C. 「NSRRC Neutron Proposal Form」中的Signature of proposer請務必簽名。


SIKA儀器介紹,請參考「中子小組網站 」

ANSTO儀器介紹,請參考「ANSTO網站 」

2021/06/01 國家同步輻射研究中心110年度博士候選人獎學金開放申請The Doctoral Candidate Scholarship of the National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center is open for application

To encourage potential outstanding students using the synchrotron XRD in their research field. National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center provides a scholarship for doctoral candidates who passes the qualify. Applications are open at the beginning of June every year and reviewed in July. The scholarship is for one academic year, and applicants can submit the application year by year. The scholarship is limited to three years. The details are in the link. If you have a suitable doctoral candidate, we sincerely welcome you to recommend and apply. The deadline for application is June 30. The application link is

Please encourage outstanding students to apply. Thank you!


2021/05/28 台灣中子人才培育公開徵選。Taiwan's neutron talent cultivation is open for selection.

This program intends to increase the potential neutron users in Taiwan and send the appropriate persons to participate in famous neutron-related research groups. The goal is to nurture potential local users with independent research capabilities. The research topic will mainly decide by the overseas research groups, supplemented by domestic research groups, and an appropriate proportion of time to develop their unique expertise.

The proposed foreign research clusters are

1. NIST Center for Neutron Research (NCNR), Condensed Matter Physics Group-Professor Jeffrey Lynn

2. Center for Neutron Science (JCNS), Jűlich Research Center, Germany

Qualifications: Postdoctoral or doctoral level researcher with Taiwanese citizenship.

The time limit for applying for foreign research is one year and may be extended to a maximum of two years after evaluation for excellent performance during the training period. However, suppose the participant does not pass the review and assessment by the sending and receiving parties during the training period. In that case, will terminate the training and eligibility for the participant immediately.

Application procedure: This batch of applications should be sent to the Synchrotron Radiation Research Center Neutron Team ( by May 31(1).

Required documents: (1) Application form (2) Curriculum vitae (3) Research project (4) Letter of recommendation (required for postdocs).

Requirements for the selected candidate: 1.

1. The selected postdoctoral candidate.

(1) Appointed by a school or institution contracted by the research group

(2) The selected postdoctoral fellow must also apply for the "Chien Li Ma" Project during the selection period (if awarded the "Chien Li Ma" Project, the "Chien Li Ma" Project will support the overseas travel expenses instead). 2.

(2) The selected researcher must be supported by the original institution with salary.

Grants after selection

The Synchrotron Radiation Research Center's "Taiwan-Australia Neutron Research Promotion and Users Nurturing Program" subsidizes living expenses.

Note: If you have potential but no experience, you may receive training at a relative domestic institute after evaluation.

For more information, please refer to the attached form and PDF file.

If there is any unclear information, please write to us or call us to let us know.

Neutron Group

National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center

TEL: +886-3-578-0281 ext.8208




1. 美國標準局(NIST)中子研究中心(NCNR)凝態材料物理組-Professor Jeffrey Lynn

2. 德國Jűlich研究中心中子科學中心(JCNS)


申請國外研究時限: 以一年為限,受訓期間表現優秀者,經評估後,最多可延長至兩年.但於受訓期間,若經送訓方及受訓方評估考核後,不適合此  



需準備資料: (1)申請表 (2)個人履歷 (3)研究計畫 (4)推薦信(博士後需要提供)。


1. 獲選之博士後:



2. 獲選之研究人員必須獲得原機構留職留薪之支持。








Neutron Group

National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center

TEL: +886-3-578-0281 ext.8208

2021/05/14 2021中子科技應用問卷調查抽獎第二次補抽中獎名單





2021/05/04 2021中子科技應用問卷調查抽獎補抽中獎名單



陳O堅 jcchen


郭O蓉 cachotterie7


2021/04/23 2021中子科技應用問卷調查抽獎中獎名單



吳O蓉 candy860507


薛O平 malehila55


魏O妤 kate26guy




Wei-O Chen weitinchen


陳O宇 xxx2736338


杜O瑋 poke35477


荊O民 t4526


王O嫻 vian456852


周O妤 Jen950421

三獎7-11之500元禮物卡一張:(預計抽出1名,實際抽出1名) (放棄)

杜O宏 chd

三獎7-11之500元禮物卡一張:(預計抽出1名,實際抽出1名) (放棄)

杜O翰 duham


黃O璇 l11088801

2021/04/21 2021中子科技應用問卷調查抽獎時間為4/23(週五)下午2:10,直播網址:

2021/01/20 2021中子科技應用問卷調查(有獎徵答)開始,填答時間至4/1日止。


2020/10/17 2020台灣中子科學學會年會暨中子散射研習營圓滿落幕




報名時間(Registration Time):2020/9/02~2020/9/23


P.S. 本次大會舉辦壁報論文競賽,請於報名時註明是否參加。


AONSA 開始徵求AONSA年輕學者獎

AONSA 為鼓勵年輕博士深造中子相關能力, 開放年輕博士至亞洲相關中子設施研究3~12個月, 請於8/15之前向台灣中子學會所(TWNSS)申請, 經審查通過後向AONSA 推薦。

Application Form_AONSA YRF

Call for Applications for the AONSA YRF 20202

Call for Applications for the AONSA YRF 20203



報名時間(Registration time):2018/08/27~2018/09/10




2017 台灣中子科學學會年會暨散射研習營將於2017年9月2~4日於 國立交通大學工程六館舉行。

今年會議由交通大學黃爾文教授與核能研究所陳孝輝博士承辦。 研習營相關資料如以下。"2017 TWNSS Annual Meeting and Scattering Workshop" is going to be held in National Chiao Tung University Engineering Six Building Area on Sep. 2~4, 2017. This meeting is chaired by Professor E. W. Huang of National Chiao Tung University and Professor S. H. Chen of Institude of Nuclear Energy Research. Detail of the meeting will be post below.

2017 TWNSS年會報名網址:

2022/01/17 ICNS2022 will be hold on 21-25 August, Argentina

Please go to the website - for the details.